Acronis Service Provider Registration

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The agreed plan with be charge monthly up to minimum 12 months starting from commencement date.
  2. The pricing is stated in US Dollar (USD) exclusive sales, value added and all other taxes and duties. The amount will be converted to equivalent Ringgit Malaysia (RM) at prevailing rate on the date invoice issuance.
  3. The pricing is subject to change with thirty (30) days prior written notice to Service Provider.
  4. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Service Provider will be only invoiced for Actual Usage for by 1st  of the month as of the Term.
  5. Service Provider will be billed by selected plan / month for the next 12 months and has the option to terminate this agreement.
  6. Termination request must be given to Respective Partner Success Manager from Acronis and Digital Paper Sdn Bhd 2 month in prior, otherwise contract will be auto-renewed.
  7. Termination only approve without any payment outstanding, otherwise monthly invoice shall be continue or interest is impose base on total value of the outstanding amount.
  8. Penalty may impose for termination less than 12 months usage.
  9. All data must be purged out upon termination request, otherwise usage will be charged accordingly.
  10. Digital Paper Sdn Bhd will not responsible for any data lost.
  11. Billing cut off will be 28th of the month, invoice is ready by 1st of the month.
  12. Grant of License is subject to Acronis Licensing policy which could be found at .
  13. All related support is directly from Acronis. The service level is stipulated in this link: . Other alternative support could be reached at these locations with its corresponding contact number: +60122039059 Malaysia.

Having read and examined this Acronis Cloud Service Provider On-boarding Form. I the undersigned have the authority to execute this document on behalf of the company stated above and further confirms that the information provided herein is true and accurate.


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