Acronis Ransomware Protection


Acronis automatically detects and stops both ransomware and cryptojackers in real time – outperforming many leading endpoint cybersecurity solutions.

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Free, battle-tested defense against ransomware

Blocks attacks

Stop both known and never-before-seen ransomware

Recovers files

Access local cache to restore damaged data easily

Backup to the Cloud

Update your files automatically every 15 minutes

5 GB Cloud Free

Put your most important files out of harm’s way
Ransomware attacks someone every 10 seconds. Don’t be a victim. Our free tool delivers proven, powerful protection from ransomware like Petya, WannaCry and Osiris, and it’s completely compatible with all leading anti-malware solutions.


Constantly guards against bad behavior

Ransomware viruses can’t infect your system on Acronis’ watch. Our technology monitors your system in real-time, distinguishing normal activities from suspicious ones like unauthorized encryption. By recognizing bad behavior, it spots ransomware whether the strain is known or not.