Aztech HL129EP Smart Link HomePlug AV2 1200Mbps with Pass Through


Embarking on a concept of No New Wires® data communications, Aztech HL129EP transforms your in-house powerline into a networking infrastructure. Thus it successfully reduces “dead spot” and increases network coverage within your home.

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Key Features:

  • Enhanced performance, cost efficient, and energy saving
  • Up to 1200Mbps through Powerline
  • Utilizes Smartlink Technology
  • Works with other HomePlug AV technologies
  • Greatly reduces blind spots
  • Easy to Use and Install
  • Built-in Pass-through

The Aztech HL129EP Smart Link HomePlug AV2 1200Mbps AC Pass-Thru Ethernet Adapter embarks on a concept of No New Wires ® data communications, and transforms your in-house powerline into a networking infrastructure. It provides SmartLink Plus coupling to the Line-Neutral pair and the Line-Ground pair of the AC mains. It successfully reduces “dead spot” and increases throughput and network coverage within a home. Surf the Internet and share data at speeds of up to 1200Mbps PHY rates through powerline in any outdoor environment and rest assured with the best security from eavesdroppers through encryption on the power circuit.

HL129EP Smart Link HomePlug engine utilizes a Qualcomm Atheros QCA7500 chipset and a QCA8334 Giga Ethernet chipset. IC QCA7500 provides HPAV2 SISIO and MIMO dual integrated line drivers. Two transmitters possible to transmit on any two of three plug pairs: Line, Neutral and Ground. PHY layer takes single PB stream and segments into two independent bit streams. Two receivers provide independent bit streams and recombines into a single PB stream. It features faster processing power and Fast Ethernet host interfaces. The solution is in compliance with the IEEE1901 , Homeplug AV and Homeplug AV2, hence allowing hassle-free compatibility with existing Homeplug AV devices and other suppliers of IEEE1901 PLC (Powerline Line Communication) devices.

Enhanced Quality of Service (QOS) also provides the guaranteed bandwidth reservations for multimedia payloads including HDTV, SDTV over IP (IPTV), higher data rate broadband sharing, Online-Gaming, VoIP Calls, extending Wireless LANs coverage, printer and peripheral sharing, Audio-Video transmission across the network and Network camera connectivity as well.

HL129EP also provides a configuration push button for a convenient way of creating HomePlug network without the need to using the Device Utility from a computer. The security feature is supported by a 128-bit AES Hardware encryption, ensuring the network communications is free from various kinds of eavesdroppers and hackers.

Product Benefits

  • Surf, Play Online, Stream HD A/V Movies, All day long
  • Plug in a Power Outlet
  • Two Gigabit Ports for Other Devices
  • Improved Quality of Service Feature
  • Easy to use and Install

With the HL129EP, installation of home networks is easy and almost cable-free.

You can easily set up your HL129EP devices in these TWO simple steps!

Noise-filtered pass-through power outlet
The embedded pass through electricity socket ensures that the user does not lose a wall socket, as well as it provides an AC filtering circuit to ensure that the HL113EP is isolated from locally generated AC noise sources connected to the socket.

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* 2 years