RICOH fi-8040

The RICOH fi-8040 is designed for organisations looking for a scanner that combines market-leading image quality, versatile connectivity and an intuitive user experience.

Delivering industry-leading OCR accuracy rates, the scanner has multiple options for connecting via a network, or to an individual PC using USB. And its 10.9cm colour touchscreen and DirectScan application, enable PC-less scanning directly to workflows or email addresses, saving both time and effort.
This scanner incorporates our unique Clear Image Capture, producing image quality that exceeds other available technologies. Teamed with our PaperStream IP software, the fi-8040 delivers industry-leading OCR accuracy rates for data capture that you can trust – whilst ensuring your scans are always optimised for faster, low-cost access and storage.


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Seamless and versatile connectivity is at the heart of fi-8040

The USB port provides connectivity to an individual PC in the traditional way. But with the fi-8040’s LAN capability, you can enjoy complete flexibility with multiple ways to connect to your workflow, even without a PC. PaperStream IP Net enables a single scanner to serve multiple PCs, and any networked PC to use any scanner on the network. Or, for server-based connectivity, PaperStream NX Manager offers easy integration into your own solutions, so you can send scans seamlessly to any system on your business.
DirectScan technology provides PC-less scanning directly into workflows, sending images straight to destinations such as network folders, FTP locations or multiple pre-programmed email addresses. In addition, Scanner Central Admin provides remote management, saving you time and money when it comes to deploying and maintaining your scanner.

The fi-8040’s built-in LCD colour touchscreen provides every user with a highly intuitive experience.

The customisable, easy-to-use interface reduces operator time and effort with large, clearly labelled buttons for their most common pre-defined routines – or when scanning to programmed email addresses. The support wizard guides you quickly through tasks and maintenance with on-screen prompts, to maximise operational uptime. And you can batch scan with greater peace-of-mind thanks to the ultra-sonic sensor that immediately pauses and alerts whenever the fi-8040 detects a multi-feed.
This is the scanner that combines an incredibly intuitive user experience with versatile network connectivity and unmatched image quality. It’s the multi-faceted scanning solution your digital transformation demands.

Market Leading Image Quality

Clear Image Capture
Clear Image Capture is a breakthrough proprietary optical technology innovation. True image rendering and colour shift prevention deliver industry leading OCR accuracy rates and image quality that surpasses the capabilities of standard CIS or CCD alone. Clear Image Capture delivers the highest image quality in the market, increasing the standard 3 (RGB) colour settings to 4913 individual colour profiles.
PaperStream IP
The scanner driver that cleans and optimises image files for faster, lower-cost access and storage. Predefined profiles and powerful image correction quickly and automatically deliver exceptionally high-quality images.

Versatile Connectivity

Flexible connectivity options
A USB port enables scanning to an individual PC in the traditional way. Alternatively, LAN capability enables a single scanner to be shared across multiple users and devices - and for any scanner to connect to any PC on the network - utilising PaperStream IP Net. PaperStream NX Manager software offers a server-based alternative that can connect to a maximum of 1,000 individual scanners.
Direct Scan
Saves operators time by reducing complexity and making the scanning process simpler - enabling them to scan directly into workflows without the need for a PC. Scans can be sent to destinations including network storage, FTP servers and multiple pre-programmed email addresses. DirectScan also provides core image processing functions such as auto-rotation, that help produce ready-to-use output files. DirectScan offers three configuration methods: via PC web browser, via the unit’s own touch-screen, or via Scanner Central Admin.
PaperStream IP Net
Allows organisations to free themselves from traditional, rigid scanning architectures, with the ability to scan from-any-to-any device for enhanced flexibility and hardware cost reductions.
PaperStream NX Manager
A simple to manage, adaptable, server-based capture solution. Ensures superior governance of information and greater peace of mind.
Scanner Central Admin
Provides scalable real-time, remote management of multiple scanners from one screen, including batch updates of scanner settings and firmware, as well as monitoring of errors and consumables status of up to 1,000 scanners. Scanner Central Admin can also be used to remotely configure Direct Scan settings.

Easy-to-use intuitive operation

10.9cm Premium LCD touchscreen interface
A premium LCD full colour touchscreen delivers exceptional ease-of-use. Clearly labelled on-screen buttons provide simple intuitive operation with a pre-programmable jobs menu, offering a range of functions at your fingertips.
Touchscreen Wizard Support
Step-by-step on-screen wizard displays messages or instructions with clear illustrations, so users can maximise operational uptime.
Ultrasonic Multi Feed Detection
An ultrasonic sensor detects multi-feeds during scanning ensuring that no pages are missed when scanning batches of documents.


Scanner Type Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) / Manual Feed (Separate/ Non separate), Duplex WORKGROUP Scanner
ADF Capacity 50 x A4 80 g/m² / 50 x Letter 20 lb
Scanning Colour Modes Colour, Greyscale, Monochrome / Automatic (Colour / Greyscale / Monochrome detection)
Optical Resolution 600 dpi
When using DirectScan: 300 dpi maximum
Image Sensor Type Contact Image Sensor (CIS) x 2
Scanning Speed (A4 Portrait) Simplex: 40 ppm / Duplex: 80 ipm
Media Support Standard Sizes A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, Business Card, Post Card, Letter, Legal and Custom Size
Custom Sizes Minimum: 50.8 x 50.8 mm (2.0 x 2.0“) / Maximum: 210 x 297 mm / A4 Portrait (210 x 297 mm), Legal (8.5 x 14“)
Manual Feed
Paper Sizes
Folded A3, B4, Double Letter and all document sizes listed above
Paper Weight 40 g/m² - 209 g/m² / A8 size 128 g/m² - 209 g/m²
Long Page Scanning 5,588 mm (220“)
When using DirectScan: N/A
Card Scanning Card with the size specified in ISO7810 (85.6 mm x 53.98 mm) with a thickness of 0.76 mm or less is applicable
Multifeed Detection Overlap detection (Ultrasonic)
Image Processing Functions PaperStream IP Advanced DTC, Automatic Colour Detection, Automatic Profile Selection, Automatic Rotation, Background Pattern Removal, Blank Page Detection, Character Extraction, Cropping, Custom Rotation, De-Screen, De-Skew, Dither, Dropout Colour (None / Red / Green / Blue / White / Saturation / Custom), Dynamic Threshold (iDTC), Edge Fill, Error Diffusion, Front Back Merging, Halftone, Image Emphasis, Index Tab Cropping, Multi Image Output, SDTC, Split Image, sRGB Output, Static Threshold, Vertical Streaks Reduction
When using DirectScan Barcode Recognition, Blank Page Detection, De-skew and Cropping (Automatic size), Dropout Colour (Red, Green, Blue, None), Rotation (0°, 90°, 180°), SDTC
Output Filetypes PaperStream IP PDF, Searchable PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, Multi-Page TIFF, Bitmap, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
When using DirectScan JPEG, PDF, Searchable PDF only
Expected Daily Volume 6,000 Sheets
Local Interface USB Port USB 3.2 Gen 1/ 3.0 / 2.0 / 1.1 (Type-B Connector)
Ethernet Interface Ethernet Port Connector Type RJ-45
Human Interface LCD Touchscreen 4.3“ TFT LCD with Touchscreen operation
Power Source Mains AC
Power Requirements 100V - 240V AC ±10 % (50 / 60 Hz)
Power Consumption Operating Mode 19 W or less
Sleep Mode 1.9 W or less
Standby Mode 0.15 W or less
Operating Environment Operating Temperature Range 5°C - 35°C (41°F - 95°F)
Operating Humidity Range 20% - 80% (non-condensing)
Device Colour Black / Light Grey
Device Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 143 mm x 292 mm x 157 mm
5.63““ x 11.50““ x 6.18“
Device Weight (approx) 3.1 kg
Environmental & Regulatory Compliance ENERGY STAR® / RoHS
Recommended Windows Driver PaperStream IP (TWAIN) / PaperStream IP (TWAIN x64) for 64-bit applications / PaperStream IP (ISIS)
Other Drivers Available Image Scanner Driver for Linux (32 bit / 64 bit) [SANE] / Image Scanner Driver for macOS
Software PaperStream Capture / PaperStream ClickScan / PaperStream ClickScan Searchable PDF Option / Software Operation Panel / Error Recovery Guide / Scanner Central Admin Agent Network Setup Tool for fi Series / fi Series Online Update / ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap (available as download)
1 Year Standard Warranty Advance Exchange Next Business Day.
Valid for 1 year from date of scanner purchase. Includes replacement of defective product and two-way shipping costs. Included in the price of a new scanner product

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