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Talkdesk user review

Talkdesk enables me to call customers on a daily basis. It is very reliable and allows me to keep track of calls I make with its salesforce integration. Also I appreciate the clean and simple interface. It is easy to use as well it can handle voicemail which I find very useful to keep track on customers calling me back.

Aaron Gonzalez,

TalkDesk saved our customer service reviews!!

We use it to contact customers for collections processes. We need to be able to be contacted and to contact our customers in order to be able to collect and resolve customer’s inquiries, issues, doubts, etc

Patricia Proal,

Talkdesk is a perfect choice for customer service

We use Talkdesk in all department of our company which supports our corporate and particular students all over the world. We use it to make calls to students to give our help and navigate in using our online school. Talkdesk is one of our main instrument in daily job, we made around 50-100 calls per day.

Natalia Shlykova,
EF Education First

Simple to use yet powerful solution

Our organisation uses Talkdesk as customer service and sales departments solution. We use national phone numbers and address the calls directly to the departments or we transfer calls once they enter to our customer support department. We implement it with a few CRM software systems to easily manage and record the process of our customers experience.

Ivan Getsov,
Wholesale Account Manager

Lets Talk about Talkdesk

Currently, Talkdesk is our main telephony software. We use the software as a medium to receive inbound calls, voicemails, and to make outbound calls. We also rely on Talkdesk for reporting purposes of team metrics.

Desiree Moore,
BPX Energy

Talkdesk Outshines the Competition

We use Talkdesk to handle our inbound call volume for our sales team. We also assigned phones for employees outside of the sales team replacing a typical PBX platform

Ken Cohen,
JK Moving Services

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