AVAYA 9600 Series IP Deskphones


Avaya 9600 series IP phones keep users productive with features like one-touch access to key functions and prompting for common actions. The 9600 series is built on open standards with support for H.323 and SIP, protecting your investment and giving you the flexibility to integrate Avaya 9600 deskphones with other standards-based IP systems.

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Leverage the Power and Flexibility of the Enterprise IP Network

The 9600 Series Deskphones are designed to help your users be more productive and collaborative.

Productivity: Take advantage of advanced collaboration and productivity features for conference calls, instant messaging, and Web-access to applications.

Touch Screens: Speed completion of common telephony tasks by using touch screens.

Applications: See your calendar instantly on your phone (no need to boot up the PC) and get instant presence information so you know who is available.

SIP: Leverage Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) on Avaya Aura for a survivable, scalable infrastructure that delivers reliable performance and flexible growth as business needs change.1

GigE: Increase performance by deploying Gigabit Ethernet within your existing infrastructure.

Green: Reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint—Avaya IP Deskphones use 40–60% less energy than the competition.

Productivity, Teamwork and Collaboration

Brilliant Audio Quality

Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphones set a high standard for audio quality. Superior acoustics in the phone and handset reduce background noise and provide a broader range of audio frequencies.

The enhanced sound will delight any employee, particularly those who spend time on the phone and multi-party conference calls.

Easy to Use Interface

The superior sound quality on the Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphones is matched by the interface.

High resolution monochrome and color displays, and touch screens on select models, combine to set a new standard in usability.

The high resolution displays are context-sensitive, able to anticipate user intentions while making the contextual menus, prompts, and instructions easier to read.

Softkeys, on the display itself, and scrolling menus, guide users through every process, simplifying applications such as call logs and company-wide corporate directories.

Touch-screens on certain models provide a new level of simplicity in handing everyday , such as retrieving messages.

Integrated LED buttons, available on more traditional models, provide additional visual queues that enhance usability.

The Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphone user interface is consistent with the entire Avaya one-X® portfolio of solutions including desktop and mobile endpoints

Choose the Phone That Best Meets Your Needs

There is a 9600 Series IP Deskphone that can meet the needs of everyone in your organization. For more detailed information on each phone and its user profile, see the table on the last page.

Walkup Everyday Essential Navigator
9601 IP Deskphone Avaya 9608, 9611G and 9621G IP Deskphones Avaya 9611, 9621G  avaya 9600
Walkup Users: Visitors such as customers or suppliers. The 9601 IP Deskphone is ideal for Walkup situations. Everyday Users: Those whose phone is one of many communications tools—along with IM, email, smart phone, etc. The Avaya 9608, 9611G and 9621G IP Deskphones meet their needs. Essential User: Those who rely on real-time voice communication many advanced phone applications will find this wide range of IP deskphones geared to their needs: Avaya 9611, 9621G. Navigators: Navigators (such as receptionists and executive assistants) are on the phone throughout the day because they handle calls for others. The Avaya 9641G meets the needs of Navigators.
Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphones